When Michael Crouch took control of a small Sydney manufacturer of domestic water heaters in 1962 little did he suspect that within the next fifty years his enterprise would grow to be a world leader in a highly innovative and rapidly advancing product category, instant boiling water.

Today, Australian designed and Australian made Zip instant boiling water systems of many kinds are used daily around the world by millions of people, and are exported to meet a growing demand in more than sixty countries.

Small on-wall Zip instant boiling water heaters were introduced to Australia early in the nineteen-eighties, and the Zip “little white box with a red tap”, which gave boiling water as soon as you touched the tap, steadily gained in popularity.

It was not too long before Zip instant boiling water could be found in office tea rooms and kitchens across the continent, in restaurants and canteens, schools, universities, hospitals, clinics, and in fact anywhere tea and coffee are brewed.


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